Beware Plumbers Brandishing Compliments

Crinkly laugh lines and a phone number;
Sweet taste of maybes and what ifs
Turned sour, an acid truth
You live with another,
Rendering you just
One more passing
To Let




Dear Loyal Readers,

I was right that a haiku might be not enough, but the result of meeting the Master Plumber was definitely not worth much more than the nine lines of a nonet.  Moving on and back to the hilarity soon.  Thanks for indulging the literary nerd side with me.




13 thoughts on “Beware Plumbers Brandishing Compliments

    1. He did confirm I have a great ass. Too bad he was, in his own words, “thinking with the wrong head because [he] was attracted to me”. For whatever it’s worth, I do respect he was honest the next day. He could have been honest upfront, but life is messy, eh?

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    1. 1) Eh. I’m pretty used to things like this by now. I did look for a ring. No ring, but I still should have guessed. Cohabitation in separate rooms at this point, I was told, it’s complicated, blah, blah.
      2) I love trying to solve the puzzle of fitting a thousand thoughts into a limited structure (perhaps with some expletives) and thus I found the nonet!
      3) Thanks!

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      1. 2) As a writer who spends a lot of time thinking about using exact words to describe a scene, I’m disgusted at how elusive I find writing poetry. It’s an art, and I haven’t discovered how it works yet.

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      2. Don’t over think it. And be patient. That took me about a week to write because I thought of the first line, walked away. Thought of the last 3 lines, walked away. Sat down and the middle worked itself out. Trying to write in the constraint of a form is actually a lot like a puzzle, as opposed to free versing the universe. Aging takes a toll too. I used to think in my head in poetry. Now, I think in prose.

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