Tinderbox (Disclaimer: Verse in the Key of Explicit)


He is crackling heat

behind blue eyes

and furrowed brow,

a tinderbox

waiting to ignite.


I want him

to gather my hair

tress by tress,

sweetly lull, and


to expose

crook where shoulder

meets neck.


I want him

to have me pinned

to kitchen counter,

held by hair

wrenched tight and

cock against my back.


I want

his lips

poised over crook,

breath hot and patient,

making me wait until

my nipples are hard and

I’m already wet when

he grants my release,

lowers mouth to skin.


I want him

to own me,

piece by piece,





I promise my loyal readers that enjoy the humorous tales and lighter fare there is a piece in the works on a visit from Plumber Jim and how I’ll be patching in to Mean Merlot’s Boxed Up MC now.  I know this might be a bit racy for a few folks.  It may even lose me a few readers but I promised myself when I began this journey a year ago it would be my safe space to fully explore who I am and perhaps a little of the why. One of the things I am is a realized, healthy, 36 year old, sexual being. I am not one thing.  I am many.




11 thoughts on “Tinderbox (Disclaimer: Verse in the Key of Explicit)

  1. Christ – this all falls in the TMI category. Personally, I don’t like to be positioned to think of “friends” in sexual ways. It makes me uncomfortable. But, given the personal stuff I force people to read, I guess this is a good experience for me. I’m not dropping you (yet). I think it’s funny that you just promised to write some upbeat stuff soon. A month or so ago, after a string of happy posts, I was making the opposite apology and promising to write some agitated stuff –Jeff


    1. I struggled for quite some time deciding if I was going to post something so explicit because it doesn’t fit the “brand” I seem to have built over time by happenstance. But I am not a brand. I decided to stay true to my intentions in this experiment and be honest about all of who I am. I know I could have flowered the language, made it all Victorian era, only see the ladies ankles, metaphor. But that too seemed dishonest. I do promise the pieces in the works now are less boudoir and more basement — blaring sewer alarm and plumber’s crack to be exact.

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      1. Well don’t edit yourself for my sake (or anyone else’s). In Stephen King’s list of Rules for Writers (http://www.businessinsider.com/stephen-king-on-how-to-write-2014-7) which my wife printed and framed for my birthday last year (see what your missing as a single person?), two of his rules deal with making yourself your principal audience. It’s not like you’re getting rich writing this stuff, so the first goal should be for you to get what YOU want out of your writing. What I usually get is agitated and anxious when I publish personal stuff. But apparently, that’s what I’m looking for, because I keep doing it over and over.

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  2. I’ll admit, poetry isn’t something I’ve been able to appreciate much in the past but I just read this and in the context of reading your other posts (all of which I genuinely enjoy), I thought this one was exceptional. You are easily one of my favorite blog writers. I’ve never done this before (mostly because I don’t know how and partly because I’m kind of particular about what I consider to be funny), but I wonder if you’d be up for allowing me to share one of your blog entries with subscribers on my site? I don’t have a huge audience (a bit over 500 subscribers) but I think they’d enjoy your writing. No worries if that isn’t something you’d be into but thought I’d mention it as a possibility. Anyway, keep up the great work! I’m bad at giving feedback with the frequency that I should but I can tell you that yours is the blog that I get excited about when I see the new articles post from the blogs I follow.

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    1. That is so kind of you! Your words warm through my crunchy shell. I would be honored if you wanted to share something of mine. Writers toil in solitude, never knowing how it may be received. Pick a good one 🙂

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