Showerhead Showdown

I walked into Home Depot armed with a coupon and an intention. My intention was to just buy sodium crystals for my fancy six-month-old water softener and a couple of paint supplies for my kitchen door. My pretty red door had cracked and flaked off in giant swaths during the midwinter freeze into some kind … More Showerhead Showdown

Dial-Up Date

Let’s take a trip down Mating Dance Memory Lane, shall we?  I invite you to fall down the rabbit hole with me to that time I was the Bad Date, capital B, capital D, to my first ever Internet Date.  It culminated in an incident involving a Tony Little Gazelle but we’ll get there in … More Dial-Up Date

No More Vikings

His sweat smelled like Cheetos and he wore a kilt.  Yes, my date on this balmy, humid, moisture dripping late July Sunday afternoon fancies himself a Scottish Viking plunked down in the middle of central Pennsylvania.   Lest anyone think I deem every date over 6’ as Viking in stature because of my previously recounted … More No More Vikings