Ginger Snaps Part One: Mix in the Brown Sugar and Spices

I had never dated a carrot top until my excursion with the Ginger Viking awhile back but somehow in the first half of 2017 I morphed into the proverbial flame for the red-headed OKC moth. There must have been a bit of an accelerate on the ignition because I flickered bright enough to spend the … More Ginger Snaps Part One: Mix in the Brown Sugar and Spices


She walks in with slight bite of lip, betrayal of boldness carefully cultivated, cover blown on sight.         Maybe it’s just the mead talking to me tonight, but my recent foray into the nonet sparked a renewed interest in poetry and form in my life.  Thus, a trip into the shadorma.  It … More Veneer

Dial-Up Date

Let’s take a trip down Mating Dance Memory Lane, shall we?  I invite you to fall down the rabbit hole with me to that time I was the Bad Date, capital B, capital D, to my first ever Internet Date.  It culminated in an incident involving a Tony Little Gazelle but we’ll get there in … More Dial-Up Date

No More Vikings

His sweat smelled like Cheetos and he wore a kilt.  Yes, my date on this balmy, humid, moisture dripping late July Sunday afternoon fancies himself a Scottish Viking plunked down in the middle of central Pennsylvania.   Lest anyone think I deem every date over 6’ as Viking in stature because of my previously recounted … More No More Vikings

Drinks and Other Things with Narcoleptic Nate

“Aren’t I just so much fun,” he asks again as his lips curl in self-derision.  There’s been a lot of that kind of sneering this evening and this is the third time he’s made the same self-deprecating comment.   Inner monologue time.  No Dude.  You really aren’t.  But I’m wearing underwire for these double D’s … More Drinks and Other Things with Narcoleptic Nate