Sunshine Snuffed

My friend E is dead. She died yesterday and she was only 34 years old. I can’t even begin to process the fact that she leaves behind a 4-yr-old and a newborn born barely 48 hours before her death, let alone the anger that it might have been completely preventable. I’m still in the denial/sobbing … More Sunshine Snuffed

Splinter Hemorrhage

Red black drops grown from within; terraforming inky lines laced into keratin, a dueling pigment spearing the pink.   Stress substantiated, distress stretching out to tip of finger, rending capillaries rendering proof.   Waiting for the new to push out with clippers poised to shear away the evidence of my spiral manifest.  

Showerhead Showdown

I walked into Home Depot armed with a coupon and an intention. My intention was to just buy sodium crystals for my fancy six-month-old water softener and a couple of paint supplies for my kitchen door. My pretty red door had cracked and flaked off in giant swaths during the midwinter freeze into some kind … More Showerhead Showdown


  Upside going down, outer edge of the spiral,     Still some space to move before sides start to tighten.     If only the choice were mine to make, up to air     Or going down, sliding to where the spiral ends.          

The Easiest Breakup: Reflections on my Two Year Break-a-versery

Facebook is airing television commercials in an attempt to woo back a jaded populace.  They  promise to get back to connecting and not dividing, promise to be more careful with our data.  They are standing on our doorsteps with a bouquet of wilting daisies and an I’m sorry, please don’t leave me sulk.  I broke … More The Easiest Breakup: Reflections on my Two Year Break-a-versery

Ginger Snaps Part One: Mix in the Brown Sugar and Spices

I had never dated a carrot top until my excursion with the Ginger Viking awhile back but somehow in the first half of 2017 I morphed into the proverbial flame for the red-headed OKC moth. There must have been a bit of an accelerate on the ignition because I flickered bright enough to spend the … More Ginger Snaps Part One: Mix in the Brown Sugar and Spices


I replaced your picture today, My Friend, A culling from the shelf, Amputating you from amongst The mementos and dusty bric-a-brac.     I couldn’t take it any longer, My Friend, Your smile in my line of sight, Taunting me daily with a Whiff of salt air and thirty years of whispered echoes.     … More Relinquish

I Should Buy a Bath Mat

If I fell In the shower and Landed on my head, Who would find me Naked, Pruned, And unconscious?   Or worse?   These are the thoughts you have, Living alone, When you fall In the shower and Land on your ass.   Luckily, It’s padded.