Sunshine Snuffed

My friend E is dead. She died yesterday and she was only 34 years old. I can’t even begin to process the fact that she leaves behind a 4-yr-old and a newborn born barely 48 hours before her death, let alone the anger that it might have been completely preventable. I’m still in the denial/sobbing … More Sunshine Snuffed

The Easiest Breakup: Reflections on my Two Year Break-a-versery

Facebook is airing television commercials in an attempt to woo back a jaded populace.  They  promise to get back to connecting and not dividing, promise to be more careful with our data.  They are standing on our doorsteps with a bouquet of wilting daisies and an I’m sorry, please don’t leave me sulk.  I broke … More The Easiest Breakup: Reflections on my Two Year Break-a-versery

Father of Mine

Plath said hers had a Meinkampf look, A man in black With love of the rack and the screw, But Daddy, Daddy, I don’t know what to make of you.   I read her words at twenty, A dagger trailing red to the core And then put you away – Tried to scar the slice … More Father of Mine

30 Hours

While I plan for most of my posts to be more on the “see the lighter side” I felt compelled to share this that I wrote to cope with helping my grandmother die. If the whole point of this endeavor is to be honest and explore why I am exactly who I am, its important to … More 30 Hours