Father of Mine

Plath said hers had a Meinkampf look,

A man in black

With love of the rack and the screw,

But Daddy,

Daddy, I don’t know what to make of you.


I read her words at twenty,

A dagger trailing red to the core

And then put you away –

Tried to scar the slice of truth,

To Heal the Wound of You.


Half a life wasted

Missing a man not worthy,

The apparition fading into mist,

A little girl’s dream deferred to

The Bright Alarm of You.


Half another life wasted

Baking beneath the surface,

A Centralia of coal fire stoked with knowledge

How you wielded fear with fists and words and cock

To Justify the Power of You.


They all got to leave,

In turn,

The women named Kim and Deb and Michelle and Teresa and more,

Finding that thing inside more

Powerful Than the Power of You.


They rendered you impotent.

I wish I could

See you as less than

Sower of seed, sower of doubt,

I wish I didn’t see the Image of You.


In Me.




If you’ve never read the entire poem, go now. If you have Daddy issues, have a love of literature, want to understand those that do, or appreciate the weight of words to convey the human experience.  Google it up friends.  You don’t need an anthology on a shelf like I have.  Use the Internet to understand rather than shout in ALL CAPS.



 **For those unaware, Centralia is a ghost town in Pennsylvania abandoned due to a coal fire seething underground that started in 1962 and could continue to burn for the next 250 years.**

4 thoughts on “Father of Mine

    1. Thank you for such kind words. I could write tomes on the hard stuff but somehow poetry seemed better at this moment. It forces me to lock the logic and reasoning out and just let it be emotion. And yes, that avatar is sprouting some gray hairs for sure.

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