Dial-Up Date

Let’s take a trip down Mating Dance Memory Lane, shall we?  I invite you to fall down the rabbit hole with me to that time I was the Bad Date, capital B, capital D, to my first ever Internet Date.  It culminated in an incident involving a Tony Little Gazelle but we’ll get there in … More Dial-Up Date

Bubbles and Budgets

I grew up eating government cheese and wearing Dollar General jelly shoes that gave me bleeding blisters.  When I was very young we raised pigs to slaughter and stored homegrown root vegetables next to the coal in the basement to make it through the winter.  We were sustainable chic before it was hipster.  When you’re … More Bubbles and Budgets

Burnt Merlot

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS POETRY AND IT MAY CONTAIN ANGST (I warned you) MERLOT Scrubbing the stain of last night’s spilt wine, Foaming suds bristling and popping, Unable to erase the burnt Merlot Seeped deep into the fabric. Such a simple mistake, The wobbling of a glass when Our parting fingers brushed Against its stem. … More Burnt Merlot