Bubbles and Budgets

I grew up eating government cheese and wearing Dollar General jelly shoes that gave me bleeding blisters.  When I was very young we raised pigs to slaughter and stored homegrown root vegetables next to the coal in the basement to make it through the winter.  We were sustainable chic before it was hipster.  When you’re … More Bubbles and Budgets

Russian Rubdown

If I could Match.Com me a perfect doesn’t-have-to-talk companion his name would be Sven and he would be a 6’4” Swedish masseuse.  Instead I’m following a tiny Russian woman to a suspect back room to get mostly naked and shell out the equivalent of a Tiny House Nation mortgage for a professional rubdown.  I hope.  … More Russian Rubdown

Fear Inherent

There is an inherent fear in being a woman, a dark shape lurking just in the periphery.  We trek through parking garages alone with our keys clutched between knuckles to use as potential weapons.  We have to calculate if the shortcut through the alley is worth the risk.  We straighten our shoulders and hold our … More Fear Inherent

My Uterus is Elderly (But She Still Likes to Party)

An acquaintance of mine a mere 4 years older just found out she’s pregnant.  Her GYN instructed her to take it easy because her uterus is considered “elderly”.  As in old.  I immediately started knitting mine a pearly white shawl and googling prices for tiny little Hoverounds.  I always said I wouldn’t even begin to … More My Uterus is Elderly (But She Still Likes to Party)