The German in the Gingerbread House

My German is leaving. Last Tuesday I left for work just as the sun came streaking over the houses, slowly rolling away from my quiet little corner neighborhood where all seemed copasetic. Nine hours later I rolled back around, barely paying attention in my late afternoon, post work, haze until a bright new sign caught … More The German in the Gingerbread House

The Easiest Breakup: Reflections on my Two Year Break-a-versery

Facebook is airing television commercials in an attempt to woo back a jaded populace.  They  promise to get back to connecting and not dividing, promise to be more careful with our data.  They are standing on our doorsteps with a bouquet of wilting daisies and an I’m sorry, please don’t leave me sulk.  I broke … More The Easiest Breakup: Reflections on my Two Year Break-a-versery

Bubbles and Budgets

I grew up eating government cheese and wearing Dollar General jelly shoes that gave me bleeding blisters.  When I was very young we raised pigs to slaughter and stored homegrown root vegetables next to the coal in the basement to make it through the winter.  We were sustainable chic before it was hipster.  When you’re … More Bubbles and Budgets

Fear Inherent

There is an inherent fear in being a woman, a dark shape lurking just in the periphery.  We trek through parking garages alone with our keys clutched between knuckles to use as potential weapons.  We have to calculate if the shortcut through the alley is worth the risk.  We straighten our shoulders and hold our … More Fear Inherent

Cherry ChapStick

The first boy I ever loved was a Catholic School Bad Boy with a mischievous grin.  It was the kind of love that tasted like cherry ChapStick and smelled like clean boy sweat.  Not gym bag “my socks have been germinating in here for six months” teen boy but pure and undiluted burgeoning maleness.  I … More Cherry ChapStick